When designing a car, mostly a designer looks for the best compromise. A car should normally work in all sorts of environments, because it will be used in all sorts of environments. Cars that are sold across the globe need to work in the heat of Australia as well as as in the cold of Alaska. But what would happen if you can design a car without compromise? How different would it be than the cars that are out on the market today? This was the design brief for this project called ‘Design for Extremes’. Design a vehicle for the extreme environment of the polar regions in 2026. By aiming at a specific type of environment, the designer can really focus at making the vehicle the absolute best for its environment. A design without compromise.


Lumi Vallita brings personal transport possibilities to individuals in the polar regions. Being able to challenge the harsh conditions of the arctic in a lightweight leisure vehicle, that is what Vallita is all about. Fast and easy transport when you need it. Fun and involving driving experience when you want it. High performance and high efficiency combined. The Lumi collection facilitates the southernmost city on the planet. Lumi Vallita, the future of personal polar transportation.

“Fast and easy transport when you need it. Fun and involving driving experience when you want it.”

Context collage

Form language collage

A smooth, elegant shape that looks dynamic and light, because of the positioning of the cockpit on top of the swingarm ski. With place for two, sitting behind one another, it gives the occupants a unique view at the polar regions. Because of the big glass canopy, it is very light inside, connecting to nature from your personal cocoon in the snow. Lumi Vallita, the personal vehicle from the Lumi line-up, mobilizes people in and around the city. Access is easy, because Vallita can lower itself by altering the height of the ski swingarm. The large Dihedral Synchro-Helix door opens up the wide entrance to Lumi Vallita. The extending footboard and and turning seats make it easy to get in and out of. When inside, Lumi Vallita gives you high tech features such as a solar glass roof, a head-up display and steer-, brake- and drive-by-wire controls. It features radar guided emergency control to detect and prevent accidents. And best of all, you can enjoy Lumi Vallita with two people and still have room for 330 liters of luggage.

Lumi Vallita is driven by twin electric motors coupled to a singe speed transmission that deliver 125 kW of power and 250 Nm of torque. This gives Vallita both high performance as well as high efficiency. This is transferred to the ground trough a continuous track system with Christie suspension at the front. At the back, a swingarm construction is used for the suspension. In order to give Vallita the desired range to conquer the polar regions, 650cc twin-cylinder petrol powered range extender is fitted as standard. The range on a full battery charge of the 25 kWh batteries is approximately 200 kilometers. When the 20 liter fuel tank is filled as well, the total range becomes 450 kilometers. In order to maximize this range, all electrical systems in the vehicle, such as the instrument panel and electrical heater unit, are recharged by the solar glass canopy instead of taking away charge from the batteries. The monocoque chassis gives Lumi Vallita strength and integrity and is the secret behind its lightweight construction.