Clients: a.o. Tommy Hilfiger / Barco / Vanderlande

I have worked on multiple projects in the strategic design field. For Tommy Hilfiger, I created a roadmap for new business development by Tommy Hilfiger, focused on the specific product-service market combination that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. During this process, I analyzed and studies market trends, user drivers, business values and technology advancements, in order to map the value propositions needed to realize the roadmap. The outcome of this project is a Tactical and Strategic roadmap to visualize the findings. These were presented to Tommy Hilfiger directly. The roadmaps describe how Tommy Hilfiger can arrive at the future vision my team and I presented.

“In the future of fashion, the lifetime of fabrics is infinite. You can always be in style, because fashion can be instantly personalized. It eases your daily life, while having minimal impact on the earth.”

Tommy Hilfiger project

Strategic Roadmap

Persona creation

Future vision visualization

Tactical Roadmap


I worked on a similar type of project for the Belgian multinational Barco. For them, I designed a new business division to expand their product portfolio and knowledge to new markets. I identfied a gap in Barco’s portfolio. Barco makes equipment to process large amounts of data and produces products to visualize this data. However, Barco does not yet make products to gather this data, which would give them a complete service system. I connected this opportunity to Barco’s biggest and fastest growing department: healthcare. By bringing self-monitoring to the enterprise world, Barco could offer a complete preventive healthcare system to lower employee absence by empowering employees themselves to monitor their own health.

I presented this future vision and plan on how to get Barco to reach it. This project was presented directly to the director of innovation at Barco. I managed to shed some new light on the product portfolio of the company and created a plan to enhance it with a viable future business plan.

For Vanderlande, I designed a strategy to kick-start a project that was slowly fading. The product had cost a large amount of money
in R&D, but there was no return form sales. I have designed a strategy that allowed the project to start rolling again, without the need for new investments. The strategy is made-up from a short and a long term part. The short term plan is aimed at setting up the right environment and adjusting the current situation, based on four main pillars, that you can see on the right. The long term vision is aimed at creating a sustainable future for the product.

This project was excuted in close collaboration with Vanderlande, where I presented the outcomes to employees, including the product manager, CFO and CEO.